Welcome to Furever Loved.

If something happens to you, who will take care of your pets? We will.



Our mission is to provide a permanent, loving, family for your pet in the event of your unexpected disability or death.


Because you have no guarantee that your friends or family will be there to care for your pet, even if they have the best intentions.  



1. Add your pet to your will or trust that designates Furever Loved as their caregiver.

2. Add a charitable gift in your trust or will to Furever Loved.

3. Include Furever Loved on your pet's microchip. 

4. Tell us about your pet.  



So, your pet is registered with us, you make us their legal guardian in your will or trust and sadly you pass away or become disabled...

We will first make immediate arrangements to bring your pet to us.  We will be loving and understanding that your pet is going through trauma.  We will do our best to make this transition as emotionally painless as possible.    


Of course, there will never be another you, so we will do our best to match your pet with a loving person or family to take in your pet as their own for the rest of your pet's life.  This match will be based on the details and wishes you have already provided.  There will be an extensive vetting of the person or family.  Then a meeting of your pet and their new prospective family.    


Your pet moves in with their new family.  Your pet's food, grooming, medical, toys - whatever they need - will be paid for by the funds you have left your pet.  Furever Loved will disburse these funds.  The family will not be compensated nor have access to your pet's funds.  The family will get the privilege of being your pet's family until your pet passes away.  If something happens to your pet's new family, your pet will be returned to us and another family found.  

Should your pet not be a match with any family, they will live out their days at our farm sanctuary.  

Furever Loved will be your pet's guardian for the rest of their life.  


Unused funds will go back into a general fund to be used for other pets whose owners may not be able to afford to fund them.  Some one else's leftover funds could also supplement your pet if your pet's funds run out.  It will also be used for administrative purposes, legal fees, organizaton needs.  

The highest form of transparency and fiduciary responsibility will be taken.      


Your pet will be furever loved.  

The Nitty Gritty



To participate in the Furever Loved, you must include language in your estate plan that designates Furever Loved as the caregiver of your companion animals upon your death or permanent incapacity, along with the allocation of a charitable gift. Please note that Furever Loved will not be able to care for your pet through the Furever Loved if these terms are not clearly stated in your estate planning documents at the time of your death. We recommend presenting the following language to your attorney or estate planning professional:

"I give, devise and bequeath to Furever Loved, a not- for-profit charitable organization currently located in Vashon, Washington, my companion animal, ________________, to be cared for and placed in a loving home. I further give, devise, and bequeath to Furever Loved the sum of $______ for its benefit and general purposes."

We also recommend that you include the names of your animals in the trust, followed by the clause “or other comparable animal.” Including this language will allow you to update the animals enrolled in the Furever Loved without needing to continually update your trust.

Enrollees in the Furever Loved may choose to bequeath additional funding to Furever Loved, earmarked toward the general care of other orphaned animals. Leaving a bequest in your will or trust, separately from the Furever Loved designation, is a generous and effective way to know that orphaned animals will be cared for in your memory.

If you choose to add a general bequest in your Trust, we recommend the following language:

"I give and bequeath to Furever Loved, a not-for-profit charitable organization currently located in Vashon, Washington, [the sum of _____ dollars ($___)] [______% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate], to be used for its general charitable purposes."


Please complete a profile for EACH pet.  Sample below.

Pet's name:_________________________________________________________


Sex:( ) male ( ) female  Age:__________ (as of today’s date: ______)

Has your pet been spayed/neutered?( ) yes  ( ) no

Does pet have: a license ( ) yes  ( ) no  a microchip/tattoo?( ) yes  ( ) no  

   License # _______________________

   Microchip #______________________    

How long have you been his/her guardian?_________________( ) months  ( ) years

Daily Habits

Indicate type of food your pet eats:

 ( ) Canned  Brand name: _______________________________

 ( ) Dry  Brand name: _______________________________

How often is your pet fed?________ times per day

Has your pet been:

 Housebroken:  ( ) yes ( ) no

 If yes, how does your pet let you know when he/she needs to go out?


 Crate-trained:( ) yes  ( ) no 

If yes, does your pet still use a crate? ( ) yes  ( ) no

When outside, has your pet been:

 ( ) Unrestrained in an enclosed area  ( ) Leashed or chained  ( ) Unrestrained 

How often is your pet exercised?

Time(s) of day:  ( ) morning ( ) afternoon  ( ) evening

What type of exercise?( ) walk  ( ) jogging  ( ) play ball 

( ) other exercise: _____________________________________________

Where does your pet sleep at night?

    ( ) crate  ( )  bed/pillow  ( ) outside ( ) other: __________________

When left alone, where is the pet kept:

( ) inside the house  ( ) outside  ( ) crate  ( ) other: _______________

If left inside alone what is his/her behavior?



What is the longest period of time your pet has been left alone in the house?


Does your dog have any favorite games or toys?

Please indicate:____________________________________________________  


Indicate all behaviors that apply to your pet when outside:

 ( ) Well-behaved  ( ) Barks continuously 

 ( ) Barks at strangers   ( ) Barks at other animals 

 ( ) Digs in yard   ( ) Jumps over or digs under fences 

 ( ) other: __________________________________________________________

Does your pet enjoy...?

Being bathed? ( ) yes  ( ) no   Being brushed? ( ) yes  ( ) no 

Having her/his nails clipped? ( ) yes  ( ) no

Is your pet professionally groomed? ( ) yes  ( ) no  

How often? ______________________________

Name of Groomer:___________________________________

Address: ______________________________Phone: _____________________

Has the pet had any training?( ) yes  ( ) no   

If yes, what kind? ________________________________________________

 Does your pet know any tricks? ________________________________________________________  Commands? ____________________________________________________


Any bad habits?

( ) chewing  ( ) digging ( ) other: _________________________________

Has your pet ever bitten or intentionally injured anyone?( ) yes ( ) no

If yes, please give details: ________________________________________

Does your pet have any specific fears?

( ) thunder  ( ) fireworks  ( ) other: __________________________________

How does your pet behave with: 

 Good  Fair  Poorly

Children  ( )  ( )  ( )  

Other dogs   ( )  ( )  ( )  

Other cats   ( )  ( )  ( )

 Please elaborate on these behaviors:__________________________________


Is this pet:

 ( ) A family pet  ( ) A one-person pet

 ( ) Good for seniors  ( ) Good for children (ages): ______________

Check all traits that apply to your pet:

 ( ) Shy  ( ) Aggressive  ( ) Rides well in cars 

 ( ) Active  ( ) Playful  ( ) Walks well on leash 

 ( ) Noisy  ( ) Sedate  ( ) Likes being handled 

 ( ) Protective  ( ) Independent   ( ) Reserved 

 ( ) Affectionate  ( ) Friendly   ( ) Other ___________________

Health Medical

Veterinarian's name:__________________________________________

Name of pet hospital/clinic:_____________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City:  ________________________State: _________________ Zip: _________

Telephone number:  ( )  

Indicate current or any significant past health problems:




Indicate any medications your dog is on at this time:



Any other comments on your pet's profile?__________________________________________________________________




The question that so many of us often face is, “Who will look after my pet when I pass, or when I can no longer care for him/her?” Furever Loved is committed to watching over your pet when you are no longer able to. 

Furever Loved wants to assists you in creating a future care plan for your pet that will help to ensure that your cherished dog or cat or horse or... ? is properly taken care of based on your personal wishes.  Money is put aside in your will for your pet’s future medical care; no financing is required up front. Once enrolled in Furever Loved, we learn everything there is to know about your pet(s) from you, and find out what kind of home you think would keep your animal(s) the happiest. You share their favorite foods, toys, daily structure, medical requirements, home environment etc., and we keep all of this information in our database. 

If anything should happen to you, we get notified by one of your contacts (friends or family), and immediately pick up your animals from your home so that they don’t go to the local animal shelter (which is usually what immediately happens if a police or fire officer enters your home and finds animals on the premises.) From there, we begin the immediate rehoming process based on your criteria and wishes. 

It often takes about a year for many trusts and estates to be settled, but we begin covering all medical needs for your pets immediately in their new home. Adopters never receive the money you have set aside directly; we pay all vet bills directly to the vets themselves, or reimburse the adopters directly. This way we also stay in touch with the adopters to keep on top of the well- being and health of your pet(s) for the rest of their life. 

We feel that it is an honor to help graciously transition your pet(s) to a home that will make them happy for the rest of their lives, and pay tribute to your memory in doing so. 


Please make fail proof arrangements for your pet's love and care should something happen to you with somebody.  Do it today.